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Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico
Guadalupe County

Films marked with * have been transcribed and indexed by NMGS.
Films marked with € have been transcribed and indexed by HGRC-NM.
( )
Parentheses indicate that the book is a partial transcription of that roll of film.
Location Missions Microfilm
San Jose (1857) Anton Chico

Puerto de Luna

Bapt. 1857-1912: FHL 0016624
€ (p) B20
Bapt. 1912-1956: FHL 0016625  
Marr. 1857-1956: FHL 0016627  
Deaths 1857-1956: FHL 0016628  

Nuestra Señora del Refugio (1882; 1921)

Photo of this church
(pdf file, 433 kb)

Puerto de Luna   Bapt. Index 1896-1933: FHL 1930437
Bapt. 1896-1898: FHL 1930437
Bapt. 1898-1904: FHL 1930438
Marr. 1896-1906: FHL 1930438
Deaths 1897-1899; 1902-24: FHL 1930438

Santa Rosa de Lima

Photo of this chapel (2nd photo on page)
(pdf file, 433 kb)

Santa Rosa Puerto de Luna
San Ignacio
Bapt. 1896-1927: FHL 0016989
Bapt. 1928-1956: FHL 0016990
Marr. 1907-1956: FHL 0016992
Deaths 1925-1956: FHL 0016992
St. Mary (1936)

Vaughn Pastura
Missions of Encino, Duran, and Pinos Wells are all located in Torrance County.
Church records 1937-1956: FHL 0017034
FHL Film #1930438 also contains a mixture of baptisms, marriages, and deaths from Guadalupe, Otero, Roosevelt, and Quay Counties. Specific details are not yet available.

Film Codes:
: Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.
FHL: Catholic church records filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).
                 (For locations of the research facilities, see Records.)

Guadalupe County was created February 26, 1891 from the southern part of San Miguel County. Named for Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico. In 1903 the county name was changed to Leonard Wood, then changed back to Guadalupe in 1905. The Guadalupe County Courthouse is at 420 Parker Avenue, Santa Rosa, NM 88435. Phone (505) 472-3791. FAX (505) 472-3306.

Guadalupe County is within the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe (see map). Where can you search the records, books and microfilm? See Records for sources and addresses known to date.

Published Records:
New Mexico Genealogist: Since its first issue in 1962, the Genealogist has been publishing a continuous stream of county, state, and church records as well as other informative articles. Available:
1) a CD containing every issue published in the first forty years of publication:  See NMG-CD.
2) a printed topic index 1962-1999: Book #E4b at NMGS Press.
3) An index for each current year is provided within the Genealogist in that year's December issue.
4) There are also some articles from the Genealogist being published on this web site. For a list, see
Genealogist online.

Most Catholic church records are available on microfilm, and volunteers have extracted, translated, and published many of those records with indexes. Click on the links below to see which other books are already available from these two societies:

New Mexico Genealogical Society  (NMGS)            
Hispanic Genealogical Research Center  (HGRC-NM)

New Mexico Genealogist: Since its first issue in 1962, the Genealogist has been publishing a continuous stream of county records as well as other informative articles. A topic index 1962-1999 is available as Book #E4b at NMGS Press, and an index for each current year is provided to Genealogist subscribers. For a list of articles published on this web site, see Genealogist online.

Due to the volume of incoming mail, this webmaster is not able to answer online research questions. Instead, please try our extensive link section. Two other volunteer groups are New Mexico GenWeb and New Mexico Ancestors. Both are linked to larger networks of sites covering the entire state of New Mexico.

Maps:    NM    So.CO

To the best of our knowledge, the information presented here is accurate and up to date. If you have corrections or additions to contribute, please add the words "Catholic Church Project" in the subject line, include your source reference, and email to: info@nmgs.org.  Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico is a work-in-progress and the pages will be updated as additional information is received.

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