Locating Catholic Church Records in Mora County


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Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico
Mora County

* Films marked with * have been transcribed and indexed by NMGS.
Films marked with € have been transcribed and indexed by HGRC-NM.
( ) Parentheses indicate that the book is a partial transcription of that roll of film.
Location Missions/Chapels Microfilm
Santa Gertrudis
(ca. 1851)
Mora El Carmen; La Cueva; Golondrinas; El Rito (Chacon); Agua Negra (Holman)
Baptism Index
AASF #94
Bapt. 1855-1860 AASF #71A *A-3
Bapt. 1861-1878 AASF-LDS
Bapt. 1879-1899 AASF-LDS
16837, 16839
Bapt. Index 1856-1907 FHL 1930435
Bapt. (mostly Ocaté & Guadalupita) 1865 FHL 1930435
Bapt. 1867-76; 1882-1910 FHL 0016837
Bapt. 1856-1867; 1877-82 FHL 0016839
Bapt. 1910-1927; 1945-56 FHL 0016838
Bapt. 1927-1945 FHL 0016839
Marr. 1856-62; 1876-1908 FHL 1930435
Marr. 1846-1875
      (partial -1856-1875)
FHL 1930435
Marr. 1876-1895
FHL 1930435
Marr. 1910-1956 FHL 0016841
Deaths 1856-1896 FHL 1930436
Deaths 1877-1896; 1910-1955 FHL 0016840
Bapt. (Ocaté) 1872-1894 FHL 0017035
Bapt. (Ocaté) 1897-1901 FHL 0017035
Marr. (Ocaté)
1872-1889; 1893-94
FHL 0017040
Marr. (Ocaté) 1873-1908 FHL 0017040

San Antonio (1876) San Antonio (Cleveland)      
San Antonio de Padua    (1864) Chacon      
Immaculate Heart of Mary
(formerly San Isidro)
Holman (formerly Agua Negra)  
Marr. 1941-1956 FHL 0016780
Deaths 1941-1956 FHL 0016780
Santa Clara Santa Clara (Wagon Mound)

Sagrado Corazon

There are numerous small churches
throughout all the small towns in the
Mora area.

Bapt. 1865 Guadalupita FHL 1930435
Bapt. 1872-1894
Cimarron and Ocaté
FHL 0017035
Bapt. 1897-1901 Ocaté FHL 0017035
Bapt. 1873-1903 Watrous FHL 001-7036

Bapt. 1905-1920 Watrous FHL 0017037
Bapt. 1920-1956
Wagon Mound & Missions
FHL 0017038
Marr. 1872-1889; 1893-1894
Cimarron and Ocaté
FHL 0017040
Marr. 1873-1908
Watrous and
FHL 0017040

Marr. 1908-1956
Wagon Mound & Missions
FHL 0017040
Deaths 1873-1956
Wagon Mound & Missions
FHL 0017040

Film Codes:  
: Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.
FHL: Catholic church records filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).
(For locations of the research facilities, see Records

The original petition (around 1818, as nearly as can be determined) asked for permission to build a church in Lo de Mora. The petitioners were from San Juan de los Caballeros. No documentation has been found as to what the official response was at that time. The Mora land grant was officially established in 1835 with migrations then and later from the church jurisdictions of Santa Cruz de La Cañada, Picuris, Taos, and the area around Ojo Caliente. Later settlers came from the south, via San Miguel del Vado, through Las Vegas.

The church in Chacon NM (San Antonio de Padua) is referred to as a Capilla built in 1864. Mass is celebrated in the Capilla two or three times a year. [article in the Las Vegas Optic, July 1, 2005. ]

 [Notes by Armando Sandoval]  

Mora County was established as a U.S. county on February 1, 1860. The history of its name has more than one version, one being that it was named Lo de Mora, referring to early residents of that name. A second story attributes the name to Mora, Spanish for mulberry, because of the large number of mulberry trees found there. The Mora County Courthouse address is: P.O. Box 360, Mora, NM 87732. Phone (505) 387-1448; FAX (505) 387-9022.

This county is within the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe (see map). Where can you search the records, books, and microfilm? See Records for the sources and addresses known to date

Published records:
New Mexico Genealogist:
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To the best of our knowledge, the information presented here is accurate and up to date. If you have corrections or additions to contribute, please add the words "Catholic Church Project" in the subject line, include your source reference, and email to: webmaster@nmgs.org.  Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico is a work-in-progress and the pages will be updated as additional information is received.

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