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Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico
San Miguel County

Films marked with * have been transcribed and indexed by NMGS.
Films marked with € have been transcribed and indexed by HGRC-NM.
( )
Parentheses indicate that the book is a partial transcription of that roll of film.
Location Missions/Chapels Microfilm
San Miguel (1805) San Miguel del Vado  
Bapt. 1829-1848 AASF Reel 11
FHL 17001
Bapt. 1848-1853 AASF Reel 12
FHL 17002
Marr. 1802-1828 AASF Reel 27, fr. 246
Marr. 1829-1846 AASF Reel 20, 29
Marr. 1846-1878 AASF Reel 53A
Deaths 1712-1829 AASF Reel 35, fr. 706
Deaths 1829-1848 AASF Reel 38, fr. 171
 * San Miguel de Vado baptisms and marriage records marked  *  have been transcribed and indexed by NMGS. These books are available as Books A7, A8, and C-5 at NMGS Press.

Records marked    have been transcribed and indexed by the HGRC. These books are available as Books M-17 and M-30 at HGRC-NM.         (p) = a portion of the film was transcribed for this publication.

Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles, (ca. 1622; 1717) Pecos  
Bapt. 1726-1829 AASF Reel 6, fr. 200
Marr. 1699-1765 AASF Reel 28
FHL 16859
Marr. 1772-1862 AASF Reel 27, fr. 914 (Nambe)
Marr. 1802 AASF Reel 27, fr. 233
Deaths 1727-1772 AASF Reel 36, fr. 589
FHL 0016859
Deaths 1783-1829 AASF Reel 35, fr. 680
Note: The above records are shown under San Antonio de Padua in the FHL Indefinite Loans Index.
San Antonio de Padua, (1906) Pecos Cañoncito (see note); Las Colonias; Rowe; Glorieta;
El Macho
FHL 16855

Marr. 1862-1904 FHL 16855
Bapt. 1904-1956 FHL 16856
Marr. 1904-1956 FHL 16857
Deaths 1904-1956 FHL 16858
Births, Marr., Deaths 1726-1829 FHL 16859
Cañoncito is a mission of San Antonio Parish in Pecos, but is physically located inside the eastern border of Santa Fe County.

Our Lady of Sorrows

Construction of church began 1835, finished 1851 [Las Vegas Optic 12 Aug 2004].


Las Vegas
(Old Town)

San Geronimo; Sapello; Trujillo
El Llano;
Los Ojitos Frios;
Hot Springs;
Ojo del Medio;
Tecolote; Variadero; Rociada; San Ignacio;
Los Alamos; Gallinas; Porvenir; Maes

Bapt. 1852-1912; 1895-1902
Marr. 1853-1869
FHL 0016811
Bapt. 1912-1947 FHL 0016812
Bapt. 1947-1956 FHL 0016813

Marr. 1870-1882
Marr. 1870-1956
Marr. 1876-1883

FHL 016814
FHL 0016814

FHL 0016814
(p)  Marr. 1883-1930 FHL 0016814
Deaths 1882-1956 FHL 0016815
Immaculate Conception Las Vegas
(New Town)
Los Vigiles
San Antonio
Bapt. 1884-1936 FHL 16806
Bapt. 1935-1956 FHL 16807
Marr. 1885-1956 FHL 16809
Marr. 1890-1891 FHL 16808
Deaths 1904-1956 FHL 16810
Our Lady of Guadalupe (1830) Villanueva

San Miguel
San Jose
Gonzales Ranch
Leyba La Palma

El Pueblo (chapel, San Antonio, 1857)

Bapt. 1919-1956 FHL 17032
Marr. 1919-1956 FHL 17033
Deaths 1937-1956 FHL 17033
San Miguel del Vado (1804) Ribera San Isidro del Norte
San Jose; San Juan;
Santa Rita; El Pueblo; San Antonio de Padua
Bapt. 1853-1908 FHL 16875
Bapt. 1909-1956 FHL 16876
Marr. 1856-1956 FHL 16878
Deaths 1848-1955 FHL 16879
Bapt. 1829-1853 FHL 17001
Marr. 1829-1846 FHL 17002
San Ysidro el Labrador Chaperito  
Bapt. 1876-1891 FHL 1930437
Bapt. Index 1886-1891 FHL 1930437
Marr. 1876-1898 FHL 1930437
Deaths Index 1885-1908 FHL 1930437
San Geronimo Mission San Geronimo  
Deaths w/Index 1895-1902 FHL 1930437
Church records 1937-1954 FHL 0016983
Rose of San Antonio
Los Montoyas    
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Sapello  
Bapt. 1861-1882 FHL 1930436
Marr. 1860-1882 FHL 1930436
Marr. 1876
(surrounding areas)
FHL 1930436
Deaths 1860-1892 FHL 1930437
Marr. (Joya Larga) 1876 FHL 1930436
Marr. 1876
(Las Manuelitas)
FHL 1930436
Marr. 1876
(Monton de Alamos)
FHL 1930436
Film Codes:  (For locations of the research facilities, see Records.)
: Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.
FHL : Catholic church records filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

San Miguel County was one of the seven original partidos established under the Republic of Mexico in 1844, and became a U.S. county on January 9, 1852. It was named for the town of San Miguel del Bado (Saint Michael of the Ford), a fording place on the Pecos River on the Old Santa Fe Trail. The original county included the territory between Taos, Santa Fe, and Bernalillo counties.

The San Miguel County Courthouse address is: San Miguel County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NM, 87701. Phone (505) 425-9331; FAX (505) 425-7019. Civil marriage records November 11, 1888 through May 16, 1952 are housed at the County courthouse and may be searched there. To our knowledge, these county records have not been recorded on microfilm. Marriage certificates 1912-1914 are available at the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives in Santa Fe.

This county is within the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe (see map). Where can you search the records, books, and microfilm? See Records for the sources and addresses known to date.

Published records:
New Mexico Genealogist:
Since its first issue in 1962, the Genealogist has been publishing a continuous stream of county, state, and church records as well as other informative articles. Available:
1) a CD containing every issue published in the first forty years of publication:  See NMG-CD.
2) a printed topic index 1962-1999: Book #E4b at NMGS Press.
3) An index for each current year is provided within the Genealogist in that year's December issue.
4) There are also some articles from the Genealogist being published on this web site. For a list, see
Genealogist online.

Most Catholic church records are available on microfilm, and volunteers have extracted, translated, and published many of those records with indexes. Click on the links below to see which other books are already available from these two societies:

New Mexico Genealogical Society  (NMGS)            
Hispanic Genealogical Research Center  (HGRC-NM)
Due to the volume of incoming mail, this webmaster is not able to answer online research questions. Instead, please try our extensive link section. Two other volunteer groups are New Mexico GenWeb and New Mexico Ancestors. Both are linked to larger networks of sites covering the entire state of New Mexico.
Maps:    NM    So.CO

To the best of our knowledge, the information presented here is accurate and up to date. If you have corrections or additions to contribute, please add the words "Catholic Church Project" in the subject line, include your source reference, and email to: info@nmgs.org.  Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico is a work-in-progress and the pages will be updated as additional information is received.

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