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NMGS Our Purpose: To promote, develop, and encourage genealogical research, to preserve and perpetuate the records of ancestry and public records, and to make genealogical and historical information available to all through publications, meetings, and workshops.

NMGS Memberships in the Society provide the funds for publishing the New Mexico Genealogist, for the NMGS web site, for genealogy speakers, and for workshops. Memberships, individual contributions, and profits from the sale of our books and CDs also help us support our local genealogy library, the Special Collections branch of the Rio Grande Valley Library System. We help fund purchases of research materials including books, CDs, microforms, and computer hardware and software.

The 2010 NMGS Board of Directors
January 1 to December 31, 2010

Elected Officers:

President - Robert Baca    president@nmgs.org
Vice Pres./Programs - Jeanette Gallegos
Secretary - Jean Montaño
Treasurer - Cynthia May

Past Presidents:
Nancy Anderson, 2003-2007
Leroy L. Garcia, 2001-2003
Robert E. Esterly, 1999-2000
Ernie Jaskolski, 1995-1999
Rose Holte, 1993-1994

For earlier information consult:
NMG 40-year CD (1962-2000)

Committee Chairs:

Membership - Barbara Dodson
NMGS Web Site - Patricia Black Esterly
New Mexico Genealogist - Russ Shaw
New Mexico Records - Ernie Jaskolski
NMGS Projects Coordination - Rose Holte
NMGS Librarian - MaeAllen Form
New Mexico Ancestors - Marjorie Shea
DNA Committee - Angel Cervantes
Conference Chair - Henrietta M. Christmas

Hospitality - (Open)
Publicity (Open)

The New Mexico Genealogical Society is a member of the
National Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.
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