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Continuous service since 1960.
2010 marked our Golden Anniversary!

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The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is composed entirely of volunteers. 2010 was our 50th year of providing research materials and networking opportunities for family historians.

The New Mexico Genealogical Society

1890 Census: Special Schedule

Survivors and Widows of the War of the Rebellion
Union Veterans of New Mexico

Doña Ana County, Part 1 of 2: Frames #0031-0034.

Abstracted by Mary Ruiz Cárdenas

From the New Mexico Genealogist, September, 1997, pp. 113-121.
A fire at the Congress Department building in January 1921 destroyed almost all of the 1890 Federal Census. This census, of survivors and widows of the Civil War Union veterans who were living in New Mexico in 1890, is one way to help fill in some of those gaps. New Mexico is fortunate in having this schedule complete. Doña Ana County, the first in this series to be published, was concluded in the December 1997 issue of the Genealogist.
The source is: 11th Census, 978.9 U58 189 – Microfilm Roll #44 at Special Collections Branch of Albuquerque Public Library. Transferred from the Veterans' Administration to the National Archives 24 March 1943 (Bundle 105). Because the handwriting on some documents is open to varying interpretations, searchers are encouraged to study the microfilm whenever possible.

Information is provided in this order:
A: Names of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Widows.
B: Rank, Company, Regiment or Vessel.
C: Dates of Enlistment/Discharge.
D: Enumeration District/Address.
E: House No.; Family No.
F. Quoted Disability/ Remarks.
G. Microfilm Frame No.
Names are spelled as found in the record. An underscore indicates illegible letters or words.

Ramirus, Jose M. Private, Co. D, 1st CA Cavalry. 3 Aug 1863 / 13 Aug 1866. Dist. 18 NM, La Luz. H14, F14. Frame 0031.

Sutherland, David M. 1st Lt., Co. K, 79th U.S. C.I. 2 May 1863 / 1 Oct 1865. Dist. 18 NM, La Luz. H20, F20. "Rheumatism. Prisoner at Tyler 8 mos." Frame 0031.

McNew, Eli. Private, Co. F, 9th KS Cavalry _ Feb 1861 / Dist. 18 NM, La Luz. H73 F73. "Thrown from horse, discharged on account ___ memory fails him." Frame 0031.

Chatfield, Silas. Soldier U.S. 186_ / 186_ Dist. 18 Pct.17 NM, Kilborn. H89 F89. Frame 0031.

Barncastle, John D. Sergeant, Co. E, 5th CA Infantry. 7 Nov 1861/ 30 Nov 1864. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H1 F1. "Rupture." Frame 0031.

[Bickle] Jesusa, widow of Bickle, John. 186_/ 186_ Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H9 F9. "Papers destroyed, unable to get record." Frame 0031.

Harring, Simona, widow of Harring, Henry C. Sergeant, Co. C, 1st CA Infantry. 18 Aug 1861/ 31 Aug 1864. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H10 F10. Frame 0031.

Ledesma, Pablo. Private, Co. M, 1st NM Cavalry. 14 Oct 1864 / 4 Nov 1865. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H43 F48. "Arrow wound left arm." Frame 0031.

Molina, Nestora, widow of Crittenden, James. 186_/ 186_ . Dist.19 H48 F55. "Unable to get —?— ." Frame 0031.

Barela, Manuel. Private, Co. E, 1st NM Cavalry. Jul 1863 / Jul 1866. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H33 F60. "Discharge lost —information given from memory." Frame 0031.

Guerra, Matias. Private, Co. H, 1st NM Infantry. 24 Oct 1863/ 24 Oct 1866. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H89 F107. "Discharge lost." Frame 0031.

Barela, Leandro. Private, 1st NM Infantry. 186_/ 186_. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H119 F142. "This man says his company dispersed — was not discharged." Frame 0031.

Navarrete, Sabino. Private, 2nd NM Cavalry. 1861/ 1865. Dist.19 NM, Las Cruces. H137 F159 "Discharge not given." Frame 0031.

Johns, Charles F., alias Jones, Charles F. Private, Co. B, 3rd WI Infantry. 7 Jan 1864/ 18 Jul 1865. Dist.19 NM, Rincon. H168 F192. "Malarial poisoning." Frame 0031.

Hoy, James M. Sergeant, Co. B, 114th IL Infantry. 14 Aug 1862/ 15 Aug 1865. Dist.19 NM, Rincon. H168 F192. "Gunshot wound left hip." Frame 0031.

Johnson, James W. Sergeant, Co. G, 34th IN Infantry. 10 Sep 1861/ 22 Feb 1866. Dist.19 NM, Rincon. H171 F195. "Gunshot wound left knee." Frame 0031.

Preist, Eli C. Corporal, Co. C, 1st CA Cavalry. 13 Aug 1861 / 7 Sep 1864. Dist.19 NM, Rincon. H179 F203. "Internal injury from fall." Frame 0032.

Jaeger, Frank. Corporal, Co. 3, 58th NY U.V. 11 Feb 1864 / 19 Oct 1865. Dist.19 NM, Rincon. H178 F202. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Alexander, William W. Colonel, Co. K, 62nd PA Infantry. 11 May 1861 24Sep 1865. Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H207 F233. "Discharge lost -- does not remember regiment or co." Frame 0032.

Sanchez, Desiderio. Private, Cavalry. 10 Jun 1862 / 31 Oct 1862. Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H220 F247. "Same as above." Frame 0032.

Gonzales, Jesus. Private, NM Cavalry. 186_ / 186_. Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H290 F320. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Kelly, Patrick. 186_ / 186_ . Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H311 F343. "No disability incurred." Mr. Kelly is temporarily absent." Frame 0032.

Duran, Victor. Sergeant, Co. K, 2nd NM Infantry. 21 Oct 1862 / 28 Feb 1863. Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H321 F356. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Lochine, Domingo., alias Luchini, Dominico. Private, Co. G, 5th U.S. Infantry. 13 Jun 1860 / 17 Jul 1867. Dist.19 NM, Hatch. H239 F376. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Frick, Abraham P. Major, 103rd PA Volunteers. 15 Oct 1861 / 16 Aug 1865. Dist. 19 NM, Fort Seldon. H151 F174. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Huntington, John G. Captain, Co. D, 1st MI Cavalry. 21 Jan 1862 / 9 Jul 1865. Dist. 19 NM, Hatch. H402 F444. "No disability incurred." Frame 0032.

Coleman, Charles H. Only x's (not explained) in rest of record.

Sit__ley, Edward D. alias Nelson, Agn_ C. Sergeant, Co. I, 31st –?–. 5 Sep 1861 / _ Sep 1863. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H14 F16. "Gun shot wound, neck and face." Frame 0033.

[McGuire], Sylvana, widow of McGuire, John. Vet S__, 2nd Dragoons, USA. 1857 / 1862. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H16 F16. "This soldier served in 2nd dragoons U.S. Army afterward Cav. ___." Frame 0033.

Fountain, Albert J. 2nd Lt., Co. G, 1st CA Infantry. 16 Aug 1861 / 16 Aug 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H1 F1. Frame 0033.

Vigil, Tirca A. formerly widow of Chapman, Thomas B. Captain, Co. E, 5th CA Infantry. 1861 / 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H68 F68. "Capt. Chapman served in 5th Calif. Infantry Co. E. of ________. His widow re– [married?] one Moses Vigil". Frame 0033.

"Ditto" (Chapman, Thomas B.). Captain, Co. E, 1st CA V. Inf. 1864 / 1868. Frame 0033.

Wood, David. Sergeant, Co. C, 1st CA Cavalry Jun 1861 / 1 Oct 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H79 F79. "Rheumatism." Frame 0033.

Renner, Andrew. Private Co. I, 133rd OH Infantry. 1863 / Sep 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H99 F99. "Travelling 'Baker' after _______." Frame 0033.

Renner, Andrew. Private, Co. I, 46th OH Infantry. 1863 / 1863. "Ditto ('Travelling 'Baker' after _____)." Frame 0033.

Hernandez, Joseph Private, Co. B, 1st CT Cavalry. 15 Feb 1861 / Apr 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H95 F95. "A citizen of Las Cruces N.M. (more dialogue, undecipherable)." Frame 0033.

[Granger], Annie M., widow of Granger, William W. Colonel, 2nd OH Infantry. 1861 / Apr 1865. Dist. 20, NM Las Cruces. H118 F118. "Leading school at Las Cruces, NM." Frame 0033.

Skidmore, William H. Sergeant, Co. G, 3rd M__ Cavalry. 21 Dec 1861 / 6 Feb 1865. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H105 F105. Frame 0033.

Flores, Gregoria F., widow of Felmer, John. 2nd Lt. 186_ / 1866. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H199 F119. "This woman –?– the Regiment. Her husband served at Fort Selden NM as Regular Infantry." Frame 0033.

Rynerson, William L.
Sergeant, Co.C, 1st CA Infantry 7 Sep 1861 / ___ 1861.
2nd Lt., Co. B, 1st CA Infantry 1861 / 1862.
Adjutant, 1st CA Infantry 1862 / 1864.
Capt. & a.q.m. U.S.Volunteers 1864 / 3 Nov 1866.
Provost Major, U.S.Volunteers 186_ / 186_ .
Provost Lt. Col., U.S.Volunteers 186_ / 186_ .
Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H109 F109. "Served in the stated grades but am unable to get dates as to each grade." Frame 0033.

[Amity], Tomasa R., widow of Amity, Henry B. 1st Sergeant, Co. A, 1st NM Cavalry. 20 Jan 1863 / 13 Feb 1866. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H147 F147. "Soldier is dead. Widow lives in Las Cruces NM." Frame 0033.

Grove, Loretto, widow of Grove, William. USA. 186_ / 186_. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H211 F211. "Soldier is dead. And being a Mexican Lady says that the discharge is from the Infantry and Cavalry USA and states that her agent who has them procuring pension." [Additional dialogue, unclear]. Frame 0033.

Romero, Jesus Ponce remarried to Ortega, Victoriana, widow of Romero, Justo. Private, 2nd NM Cavalry. 1861 / 1864. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H4 F4. "Soldier is dead. Widow remarried to Ortega, has no papers to determine company." Frame 0033.

Lyon, William B. 2nd Lt., Co. K, 134th PA Infantry. Sep 1862 / 1863. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H176 F176. "Cannot give dates of enlistment and discharges." Frame 0033.

Booth, George C. Private, Co. I, 147th IN Infantry. 186_ / 186_ . Dist. 20 NM ,Las Cruces. H183 F183. "Has no discharge and cannot give dates as to enlistment." Frame 0033.

Elwood, Edwin., alias Poraphy, Edwin. Bugler, Co. B, 2nd CA Infantry. 27 Feb 1864 / 10 May1866. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H184 F184. "Afterward served as E. Elwood in Regular Service." Frame 0033.

Barela, Eustaquio. Private, Co. C, 1st NM Infantry. 19 Dec 1863 / 28 Sep 1866. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H172 F172. Frame 0034.

Downs, Albert J. Private, Co. F, 9th IA Cavalry. 186_ / 186_. Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H173 F173. "Has no discharge to get dates of enlistment." Frame 0034.

Ryan, John.
Sergeant, Co. K and B, 1st CA Infantry. 24 Jan 1862 / 24 Jan 1865.
Actg Ordinance Sgt., Depot, Las Cruces, NM. Mar 1864 / Mar 1865.
Pvt., Co. B, 1st CA V. Inf. Mar 1864 / 186_.
Actg Sgt. Major, 1st V t. Inf. C.V. 1865 / 186_ .
Commissioned 2nd Lt. on duty at Fort Craig C.V. 1865 / 20 Sep 1866.
Dist. 20 NM, Las Cruces. H175 F175. "Poisoning of blood from malaria contracted at Tucson in June 1862, originating heart disease, kidney and other internal diseases. Lives at Las Cruces, NM." [ Additional comments, not decipherable.] Frame 0034.

Publication of the Doña Ana County schedule was concluded in the New Mexico Genealogist December 1997 issue. Full articles are included in the NMG-CD or the single issue may be ordered at nmg-ord.php.

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