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2010 marked our Golden Anniversary!

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The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is composed entirely of volunteers. 2010 was our 50th year of providing research materials and networking opportunities for family historians.

The New Mexico Genealogical Society
DAR New Mexico Colonial Patriot Soldiers
and Alcalde Mayores

by Virginia Sanchez
About the author

From the New Mexico Genealogist (Military Issue), December 2003, p. 202-207.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a national lineage society that honors and recognizes patriot contributions to the American Revolution. The DAR is reaching out to female descendants of all Spanish soldiers to research their lineage and apply for society membership. Its male counterpart is the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).   (1)

The following table lists the New Mexico Patriots and Alcalde Mayores who qualify for DAR patriot status. For membership in the DAR, female applicants must be able to prove that their New Mexico Patriot ancestor was at the Presidio of Santa Fe between 3 April 1782 and 18 November 1782, and that he was discharged after November 1782 (3 April 1782 is the date Governor Anza authorized collection of the donativos within the Province of New Mexico; 18 November 1782 represents the date of Anza's letter informing Teodoro de Croix that all but three donativos were collected.) (2)

Use the following table to determine if New Mexico colonial soldiers and alcalde mayores in your family line qualify for patriot recognition by the DAR. This table compares the November 1781 muster roll (3) with the “Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico 1732-1820. (4) For more information, contact a local DAR chapter or visit the author's webpage at http://home.comcast.net/~virginia.sanchez/patriotfaq.htm.

                    New Mexico Colonial Patriot Soldiers Recognized by the DAR

Last Name
First Name
Title or Notes
In Military
during 1785?
Spouse, Parents, or Notes
Anza Juan Bautista de Governor and Captain Dec 1751 Yes Ana Maria Perez Serrano
Azuelas Manuel de  1st Lt. Gen. of captain   before 1 Jan 1781   Major $ Contributor  (5)
Cordero Jose Maria 2nd Lt. Gen. of captain  before Jan 1781     Further source documentation needed
Lovato   Roque Armorer   1 Dec 1779    Yes Josefa Armijo
Maldonado Jose 1st Alferez   Yes Maria Luisa Tenorio
This officer did not appear on the contribution list and cannot qualify for patriot recognition by the DAR at this time.
Nunez Juan Vermejo Fray, Chaplain before 1 Jan 1781 Yes  Most likely did not leave any descendants
Rivera Salvador   2nd Alferez   before 1 Jan 1781 Yes  Tomasa Rael de Aguilar


Last Name
First Name
Title or Notes
In Military
during 1785?
Spouse, Parents, or Notes
Abeyta (Beytia)  Jose Antonio   11 Jan 1779 
Petrona Ortiz
Abeyta (Beytia) Juan de Jesus 2nd Squadron Leader 17 Jul 1767 Yes Juliana Fernandez (de la Pedrera)
Distinguished soldier
Abrego Juan de    before 1780 
Juana Fernandez
Aguilar Jose (Rafael) de   2 Dec 1759
son of Alonso Rael de Aguilar and Melchora Sandoval
Alari(d) Jose Antonio   1 Apr 1781
1. Rosa Sandoval
2. Antonia Dominguez
Alari(d)   Manuel (Isidoro)   11 Jan 1779
1.Maria Josefa de Armenta
2.Josefa Ortiz Bustamente
Alari(d) (Joseph) Ignacio   11 Jan 1779 Yes Maria Venavides (Benavidez)
Distinguished soldier
Aliri (Alire) Jose (Miguel)   11 Jan 1779
Polonia Rael
Aliri(d)  Juan Antonio Sergeant by 1764  bef. 1764    
Dominga Antonia Roybal
Anaya  Juan Antonio   22 Sep 1779
son of Juan de Anaya and Feliciana Ulibarri
Armijo   Antonio   11 Feb 1777
1.Juana Tenorio
2.Josefa Casados
Armijo  Jose Antonio    11 January 1779
Francisca Ortiz
Baca Diego (Pedro) Manuel    1 July 1779
1.Anna Maria Esquibel
2.Maria Dolores Leyba
Baca  Jose Antonio    11 Jan 1779
son of Jose Baca and Juana de Abeyta
Baca Juan Gallegos    1 Apr 1781
2.Maria de la Luz Tafoya
Baca    Manuel    11 Jan 1779
Maria Gertrudis Esquibel
Benavides Bartolo     bef Jan 1781
Benavides Juan     1 Jul 1779
Rosa Esquibel
Bustamante  Bernardo (Rumaldo)     11 Jul 1778
1. Maria Lovato
2.Anastacia Griego
Cabeza de Baca Jose Maria    25 Feb 1781
1.Maria Silva
2. Margarita Rael
Casados (Casaus?) Antonio    27 Jan 1774  Yes  son of Antonio Casados and Antonia Benavides
Duran  Ignacio    19 Dec 1764 
Maria Phelisiana Sandoval
Duran  Salvador    20 Oct 1732
 son of Sebastian Duran and Ana Martin
Esquibel   Antonio (de la Cruz Alexandro)   1 Jul 1779 
Manuela Trebol Navarro
Esquibel Ramon   11 Jan 1779 
Maria de la Luz Trebol Navarro
Esquibel Ventura   11 Jan 1779
son of Francisco Esquibel and Maria Clara Gonzales
Fernandez Bartolo (Bartolome)   24 Mar 1776
son of Bartolome Fernandez de la Pedrera and Luisa Tenorio de Alba
Fernandez (Xiraldo) Carlos   5 Jan 1779 Yes Juana Padilla
Distinguished soldier
Gallego(s) Anselmo   11 Jan 1779
Maria Silva
Gallego(s) Diego    5 Dec 1759 
son of Diego Gallegos and Maria Josefa Gutierrez
Gallego(s) Manuel Further source documentation needed
Gallego(s)  Jose Antonio   1 Jul 1779 
Antonia Rodriguez
Garcia Jose Antonio
Further source documentation needed
Garcia Pedro Vicente   11 Jan 1779 
1.Maria Ycasa
2.Josefa Tafoya
(de Noriega)
Francisco   16 Dec 1745
 son of Juan Garcia de Noriega and Maria Vega
Garcia de Noriega  Vicente   18 Jul 1780

son of /Blas Garcia de Noriega and Antonia Gongora

Garviso  (Juan) Manuel Saenz    18 Mar 1776
Petra Antonia Sandoval
Gonzalez Geronimo   13 Aug 1769
Josefa Tapia
Gonzalez  Juan   17 May 1771
Maria Perea
Griego  Jose (Miguel)    14 Feb 1766
Maria Josefa de la Luz Rivera
Griego Jose Antonio   bef 1 Jan 1781       
son of Jose Antonio Griego and Maria Tenorio de Alba
Guerrero Antonio 1st Sergeant  4 Jan 1752 
Polonia Casados
Gutierrez Antionio   1 Jul 1779
Maria Olaya
Gutierrez Jose Miguel   11 Jan 1779
son of Bartolome Gutierrez and Rosa Tapia
Herrera Juan Luis de   23 Sep 1759

son of Miguel de Herrera and Antonia Trujillo.

Currently recognized by the DAR   
Lopez             Antonio
Further source documentation needed
Lopez Tomas (Antonio)   11 Jan 1779
son of Pedro Lopez and Josefa Martinez
Lovato Luis   1 Jul 1779
Micaela Francisca Lopes
Madrid Antonio (Xavier)   4 Jan 1768

Theodora Apolonia Valdez y Bustos  

Currently recognized by the SAR and DAR
Madrid Ignacio   16 Jun 1769 Yes 1.Josefa Alarid
2.Maria de la Luz Gallegos
Maese Bartolo(me)   1 Jul 1779    Yes 1.Maria Guadalupe Martin
2.Maria Rita Alarid
Maese Isidro   before 1781 Yes  
Maese Jose Manuel   11 Jan 1779   son of Cristobal Maese and Maria Maria Casillas
Maldonado Gaspar   11 Jan 1779 Yes Tomasa Olguin
Mares Jose (Julian)   5 May 1746 Yes son of Joseph Antonio Mares and Ana Antonia Rodriguez
Mares Manuel   27 Oct 1772 Yes son of Nicolas Mares and Josefa de los Reyes Vargas
Martin Bartolome   11 Jan 1779 Yes Josefa Trujillo
Martin Jose Antonio Further source documentation needed
Martin Luis   1 Jul 1779 Yes Micaela Maese
Martin Manuel    Further source documentation needed
Mestas Pedro (Antonio)   10 Feb 1780 Yes Josefa Escudero
Miera (y Pacheco) Anacleto (Cleto) 1st Squadron Leader 1 Apr 1767 Yes 1.Maria Felipa Tafoya
2.Maria Catarina Pino
Distinguished soldier
Miera (y Pacheco) Bernardo   11 Jan 1779 Yes Estefana Dominguez de Mendoza
Miera (y Pacheco) Manuel   11 Jan 1779 Yes 1.Barbara Torres
2.Maria Josefa Quintana
Distinguished soldier
Vicente    Further source documentation needed 
Ortega Antonio (de)   14 May 1741 Yes son of Geronimo de Ortega and Sebastiana de Jesus Gonzales
Ortega Francisco de   6 Mar 1771   son of Geronimo de Ortega and Sebastiana de Jesus Gonzales
Ortiz Alejandro   28 May 1781 Yes Maria Biviana Chaves
Ortiz Jose Antonio Distinguished soldier    Further source documentation needed
Ortiz Jose Antonio   11 Jan 1779 Yes Juana Lopez
Ortiz Tomas   20 Mar 1771 Yes Maria Rosa de los Reyes Martin Serrano
Pacheco Jose      Further source documentation needed
Peña Diego (Antonio de la)   5 Jun 1765 Yes Victoria Tenorio
Peña Juan de Dios   before 1780 Yes Maria Guadalupe Loreto Ortiz
Rael Jose Antonio   11 Jan 1779 Yes Barbara Lucero
Rivera Alfonso   29 Mar 1777 Yes Marķa Antonia Abeyta
Rivera Antonio   7 Mar 1741 Yes Graciana (Prudencia) Sena
Rivera Baltasar   11 Jan 1779 Yes Maria Antonia Ortiz
Rivera Jose (Viterbo)   1 Jul 1779 Yes Maria de la Luz Pacheco (7)
Rivera Matias (de San Juan Nepomuceno)    1 Jul 1779 Yes Juliana Peña
Rodriguez Isidro Antonio   11 Nov 1759 Yes Maria de la Luz Fernandez
Rodriguez Pedro Felipe    13 Jul 1770 Yes son of Melchior Rodriquez and Micaela Baca (Blea)
Romero Antonio Jose   25 May 1769 Yes Maria Baca
Romero Manuel   1 Jul 1779 Yes Maria Josefa Baca
Romero Pedro Antonio   bef. 1 Jan 1781 Yes Maria Antonia Fragosa
Roybal Tomas    23 Jun 1756 Yes Ana Marķa Ginzo Ron y Tovar
Sanchez Antonio Roman   11 Jan 1779 Yes son of Juan Christobal Sanchez and Elena Jaramillo
Sanchez Jose Antonio      Further source documentation needed
Sandoval (Francisco) Cayetano   22 Jun 1758 Yes son of Andres de Sandoval and Maria Marquez
Sandoval Andres   1 July 1779 Yes Bernarda Lucero
Sandoval Francisco Matias   6 Apr 1781 Yes Maria Paula Lovato
Sandoval Jose    Further source documentation needed
Sandoval Juan   10 Aug 1765 Yes son of Antonio Sandoval and Josefa Chavez
Sandoval Manuel   2 Sep 1769 Yes son of Andres Sandoval and Maria Marquez
Sandoval Pablo (Antonio) 2nd Sergeant 2 Dec 1759 Yes Manuela Brigida Dominguez
Sandoval Vicente (Ferrer)   1 Jul 1779 Yes Nicolasa Gonzales
Santiestevan Domingo (Anselmo)   12 Oct 1772 Yes son of Joseph Santistevan and Josefa Montoya
Sena Jose Miguel   1 Jul 1779 Yes 1.Barbara Baca
2.Maria Josefa Sandoval
Sena Matias   1 Jul 1779 Yes son of Thomas Sena and Luisa Garcia
Sena Pablo (Antonio)   1 Jul 1779 Yes son of Vicente Sena and Ana Biton(a)
Serrano Francisco Perez Cadet    Further source documentation needed
Tafoya Jose Miguel   1 Jul 1779 Yes son of Juan Miguel Tafoya and Antonia Sandoval
Tafoya Juan    Further source documentation needed
Tagle Manuel Sanchez de   1 Jul 1779 Yes Antonia Gonzales
Tenorio Joaquim(n)   before 1781 Yes  
Tenorio Jose Miguel   11 Feb 1781 Yes Polonia Romero
Tenorio Salvador (de Orta)   11 Jan 1779 Yes Ana Maria Rael
Torres Francisco (Antonio)   1 Jul 1779 Yes Maria Ana Rafaela Moya
Torres Francisco Martin   1 Jul 1779 Yes 1.Marķa Anastacia Borrego
2.Maria Michela Baca
Currently recognized by the SAR
Trujillo (Juan) Miguel   1 Nov 1780 Yes Maria Ortiz
Trujillo Juan Jose   1 Jul 1779 Yes Maria Francisca Tapia
Urioste Jose Antonio   11 Jan 1779 Yes Francisca Maldonado
Urioste Juan Antonio de   31 May 1771 Yes 1. Juana Maria Luz
2. Teodora Aragon
Currently recognized by the SAR
Velarde Jose Manuel   28 May 1781 Yes son of Nicolas Velarde and Leonarda Tenorio
Vigil Antonio Reyes   11 Jan 1779 Yes Maria Josefa Barbara Madrid
Vigil Cristobal Faustin   11 Jan 1779 Yes Maria Josefa Sanchez
Vigil, Montes Francisco Salvador   8 Oct 1771 Yes 1.Antonia Valdes?
2.Barbara Baca
Vijil (Vigil) Jose   1 Jul 1779 Yes Petrona Martin (Pacheco?)
Vijil (Vigil) Juan Cristobal   1 Sep 1781 Yes 1.Andrea/Antonia Martinez
2.Jacinta Aragon  (8)


New Mexico Alcalde Mayores Recognized by the DAR

This table lists the New Mexico colonials who served as alcalde mayores who took part in the collection of the donativos (donations) between April 1782 and November 1782. (Names of alcalde mayores and jurisdictions provided by Regent Harriet McCallum, New Mexico DAR.)

Last Name
First Name
Armenta Antonio de Santo Domingo de los Queres  
Arteaga Manuel de San Felipe de Albuquerque  
Barela Juan Antonio Nuestra Senora de la Pura Concepcion  
Borrego Manuel Bernardino San Antonio de Seneca  
Candelaria Diego Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe,
San Lorenzo de Real
Duran Jose Maria San Antonio de los Sus Christi, Ysleta  
Fernandez Eugenio Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, El Paso del Norte  
Lobera Francisco San Jose de la Laguna  
Montoya Nerio Antonio San Carlos de la Alameda  
Ortiz Antonio Jose Villa de Santa Fe Rosa Bustamente
Currently recognized by the DAR
Redondo Jose Campo Santa Cruz de la Cañada  
Vigil (9) Juan Cristoval Montes San Geronimo de Taos 1.Teodora Medina
2.Juana de Luna


1) The list of New Mexico Patriots who qualify for Sons of the American Revolution patriot status is located at the South Coast Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution website (http://www.southcoastsar.org/SantaFe.htm) and on Jose Antonio Esquibel's website (http://pages.prodigy.net/bluemountain1/sar.htm). Male descendants must be able to prove that their New Mexico Patriot served during the time Spain was at war with England; namely 1779-1783. Alcalde mayores who served in a military capacity during this time may also qualify for SAR patriot status.

2) Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, roll 11, frames 511-514. (Hereafter referred to as SANM II.)

3) Ibid., frames 124-127.

4) Virginia L. Olmsted, "Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico 1732-1820," National Genealogical Society Quarterly, ongoing series from volume 67 (September 1979) to volume 68 (March 1980). Taken from the Spanish Archives of New Mexico II, roll 21.

5) SANM II, roll 11, frames 511-514.

6) Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca, compilers; Marie J. Roybal and Lila Armijo Pfeufer, extractors, New Mexico Marriages: Santa Fe-St. Francis Parish and Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light (La Castrense), 1728-1857 (Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, 1997), 75.

7) Ibid., 51.

8) Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Patricia Sanchez Rau, extractors, 100 Years of Marriages, 1726-1826: Santa Cruz de la Cañada, New Mexico (Boulder, Colorado: privately printed, 2002), 56.

9) Damien Aragon, "New Mexico's Aragon Family," Herencia 6 (July 1998), 25.


The author, Virginia Sanchez, is a historian of Hispanic genealogy and Southwest history. She regularly contributes articles to the New Mexico Genealogist and other genealogical publications.

See also online article by this author at American Battle Monuments Commission and SAR article by Leroy Martinez at Juan Antonio Benavides, Santa Fe Presidio Soldier and SAR Patriot

Virginia qualified for membership in the DAR in 2002. She maintains a highly informative web site at http://home.comcast.net/~virginia.sanchez/patriotfaq.htm for those seeking information on SAR and DAR.

She may be reached at virginia.sanchez@comcast.net.

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