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Continuous service since 1960.
2010 marked our Golden Anniversary!

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The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is composed entirely of volunteers. 2010 was our 50th year of providing research materials and networking opportunities for family historians.

The New Mexico Genealogical Society
Colfax County, New Mexico

Marriages 1889-1893
and 1897-1901

from Justice of the Peace records, Precinct #20

As published in the New Mexico Genealogist, June, 1988, pp. 41-43.


During the period of 1889 through mid-1893 there were three different Justices of the Peace in Precinct #20. They were Jose de Jesus Chavez, Jose Rafael Vigil and F.P. Canton. The last mentioned wrote in English, whereas the other two recorded in Spanish. In the second book, covering the period 1897 through October 1898, the J.P. was Eusebio Garcia.

Names are shown herein as found in the record, with the same spelling and in the same order. Underlined letters indicate an illegible or questionable portion of a word. Researchers are always encouraged to study the record themselves whenever possible.
Abbreviations used herein: Wit: witness(es). Ma.: Maria. Pct.: Precinct.

The records of Jose de Jesus Chavez, J.P.

#32: Joe W. Schelcher and Ma. Jesusita Peña, Certificate of Marriage, 25 May 1889.

#35: Manuel Ortiz and Agustina Barros, Certificate of Marriage, 13 Jun 1889.

#77: Eduardo Masken and Rosa Elena Ambas, resident of Blosburg, Pct. #16. Certificate of Marriage 25 Nov 1889. Wit: John Flagruda, Manro Rossi and W.A. Wrigley.

The records of F. P. Canton, J.P.
These begin 5 Feb 1890 on page 57 of the same ledger as above.

p. 65 #19: Thomas Acosta and Carolina Pope, married by F. P. Canton, J.P., 3 Jul 1890. Wit: Rafael Baca and Ceberiana Oriosta. The JP was presented with a Letter of Divorce for Carolina Pope from the Taos County District Court dated 1885. In Case #284 of the District Court Records of Taos (Legislative term May 1885), is found the divorce of Carolina Pope from Henry Barewell. Judge Samuel B. Axtell ruled in her favor 2 Oct 1884. Carolina's first marriage "was celebrated about the month of June in the year 1882 by and before one Frank Mayland, then acting as JP (Colfax County). "Carolina and Henry lived as man and wife at Ute Creek, where they were married, about 3 months. They then moved to Don Fernandez de Taos "where her mother then and now lives. Henry deserted her there."

p.74 #38: R. Warran of Pueblo, Colorado, age 27 and Mary J. Davis of Pueblo, Colorado, married 6 Dec 1890 in Buena Vista, Pct.420 of Colfax County. Wit: C. C. Douglas and C. F. Staaffer. Canton writes, "The Lady sais [sic] she is 21 years of age."

The records of Jose Rafael Vigil, J. P. begin on p.80, 7 Feb 1891, in the same ledger.

p.92 #20: Juan Martinez, 47 years of age, and Geronima Sanches, 38 yrs, were married 11 Apr 1891. Wit: Juan Nepomoseno Benabides and Simona Maeze, both residents of Buena Vista.

p.93 #21: Justo Maeze, age 55, and Antonia Trugillo, age 33, married 14 Apr 1891. Wit: Jose Y. Gutierrez and Nerio Caleneia, resident of Buena Vista.

p.103 #38: Cresencio Tribino, age 50, and Marta Lusero, age 48, married at Buena Vista 8 Jun 1891. Wit: Francisco Ortiz and Pedro 0. Chabez.

p .108 #49: Pablo Quintana, age 23, and Maria Deguerro, age 21, married 3 Jul 1891 at Buena Vista. Wit: Justo Maese and Pedro Chabez.

p .112 #59: Pablo Montoya, 35 yrs and Ma. Candelaria Vigil, 30 yrs., married 1 Aug 1891 at Buena Vista. Wit: Cresencio Tribino and Calletano Sena.

p 148 #98: William Kelley, 36 yrs of age, of the county of Huerfano in Colorado, and Grace G. Spear, 24 yrs of age, of the county of Las Animas in Colorado, married 5 Dec 1891 at Buena Vista. Wit: F. M. Bysang and Lena B. Bysong.

p. l73 #125: Roberto Torrez of Colfax County and Serafina Coca of the same county, married 21 Mar 1892 at Buena Vista. Wit: Jose Y. Gutierrez and Juan Torrez.

p.l74 # _: Alberto Bruno, age 26, and Dolores Murray, age 22, both of Colfax County, were married 26 Mar 1892 at Buena Vista. Wit: E. A. G. Pinzon and Jesus Gonzales.

p.179 #_: J. Aniceto Montoya, age 30, and Marillita Lopez, age 26, both of Colfax County, married 7 May 1892 at Buena Vista. Wit: Nazario Romero and Prudencia A. Romero.

p.l94 # _: Mariano Valdez, age 36, and Ma. Rumalda Atencio, age 33, both of Colfax County, married 15 Aug 1892 at Buena Vista. Wit: Carlos Carnay and Epifanio Armijo.

This concludes marriages found in the ledger for 1889-1893.

The records of marriages performed by Eusebio Garcia, JP,
1897 to 15 Jan 1901.

p. 11: Mr. Harmen Willson and Maria Llerad, residents of Colfax County, married 31 May 1897. Wit: Juan Madril and Tiofila Moya.

p. 30: Don Juan Francisco Cordova and Ma. Manuelita Sanchez, married 18 Sep 1897. Wit: Francisco Carrillo and Apolonio Garcia.

p. 36: Don Adelaido Lopez, resident of Raton, and Maria Teresita Griego, resident of the state of Colorado, married 1 Nov 1897. Wit: Pedro Olguin and Getruditas Trujillo.

p. 46: Katie Chris__ens and D. ___ort Yalouf, res. of Raton, married 19 Jan 1898. Wit: Peter W. Nagel and Gottlieb Werner.

p.49: Harry E. Phillips and Ada Littrell, both residents of Raton, married 15 Feb 1898.
Wit: William H. Rhoades and Anna M. Rhoades.

p. 52: Donaciano Vigil and Ma. Teodocia Rodarte, both of Colorado, county of Las Animas, married 9 Mar 1898 at Buena Vista. Wit: Patricio Romero and Merced Martinez. A Letter of Divorce was presented which was written by W. M. Mahin, JP of Las Animas. The divorce was for Teodocia Rodarte from Candelario Rodarte, 8 Mar 1898; A. C. McChesney, Lawyer.

p. 71: Marion F. Willy and Nora Eddy, married 15 Oct 1898 at Buena Vista. Wit: Mrs. Effie Koon and D. Cassan.

p.75: Samuel G. Taylor and Lillie K. Betts, both of Fremont County, Colorado, married at Buena Vista 31 Oct 1898. Wit: E. C. Sperry and Chas. E. Harris.
A Letter of Divorce was presented from James L. Cooper, Judge of the County Court, Fremont County, Colorado. Samuel G. Taylor had divorced Lula B. Taylor 29 Sep 1898.

Following Marriages performed by J. R. Vigil, JP

p.102 Roy Rinehart and Ethel Greenwood, both of Colfax County, married 1 May 1899 at Buena Vista. Wit: Esinio Peña and Ramoncita Peña.

p.113: Miguel Abeita, age _yrs and Pabla Baras, age 28, both of Colorado, married at Buena Vista 17 Jun 1899. Wit: Juan Montoya and Remijia de Montoya.

p.l44: Jose P. Moya, 30 yrs, and Francisquita Anaya, 31 yrs, both of the Territory of NM, married at Buena Vista 23 Nov 1899. Wit: Jesus M. Vigil and Ortanzia Reymend.

p.l53: Juan Bautista Garcia and Reyes Madrid of Colfax County, married at Buena Vista 8 Mar 1900. Wit: Jose T. Lopez and Juanita de Lopez.

p.l54: Emilio Cortes and Francisquita Torrez, both of Colfax County, married 7 Apr 1900. Wit: Remijo Garcia and Sarita Lusero de Garcia.

p.156: Melqinares Lusero, age 28, and Carmelita Lopez, age 22, both of Colfax County, married at Buena Vista 4 May 1900. Wit: Jose Balilio Angel and Erinea de Angel.

p.166: Francisco C. de Baca and Placida Maez, both of Colfax County, married at Buena Vista 7 Jun 1900. Wit: Juan Nuanez and Af_ina de Nuanez.

p.l66: John L. Hallniger of Colorado, and Marta J. Smith of Phillipsburg, Kansas, married at Buena Vista 18 Jun 1900. Wit: Salomon Garcia and M. Vigil.

p.l95: Daniel C. Veralker and Mellie Black, both of Las Animas County, Colorado, married at Buena Vista 8 Dec 1900. Wit: Juan Madrid and E. L. Basler.

This concludes marriages found in the ledger for 1897-1901.

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