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2010 marked our Golden Anniversary!

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The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is composed entirely of volunteers. 2010 was our 50th year of providing research materials and networking opportunities for family historians.

The New Mexico Genealogical Society
Mora County Guardianships, New Mexico

Extracted by Ann Mossman

From the New Mexico Genealogist, Vol 36:1, March 1997.

The guardianship records listed here were abstracted from a book titled Mora County Guardianships, New Mexico, 1882-1889. This page presents records of 1882-1885 as they were published in the Genealogist Vol. 36:1 [Mar 1997].
Records of 1886-1889 were published in the Genealogist 36:2 [June 1997] and will be added here as soon as possible. The guardianship book is housed at the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives, 1205 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM.

  • Spelling of names has been retained as found in the original file. If searching for a name, you may have more success by trying alternate spellings.
  • Legibility of any document is often questionable and open to interpretation. For that reason, we encourage searchers to consult the source material themselves whenever possible.

Pages 1, 2, 7 March 1882: Guardianship appointment.
Antonio D. Baca for Maria Rafaela Manzanares.
Sureties: Trinidad Valdez and Rosario Trujillo.

Pages 2, 3, 7 Mar 1882: Guardianship Appointment.
Antonio Salazar for Maria Merced Manzanares, 18 yrs.
Sureties: Jose Nemesio Valdez and Pedro Espinosa.

Pages 4, 5, 7 Mar 1882: Guardianship Appointment.
Francisco Baca y Sandoval for Maria Luisita Manzanares, 8 yrs.
Sureties: Trinidad Valdezand Rosario Trujillo.

Pages 6, 7, 2 May 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Jose Lopez for Hilaria Arabela, 6 yrs.
Sureties: Miguel Carrillo and Juan de Jesus Garcia.

Pages 8, 9, 3 Jul 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
Gertrudes Lucero de Sanchez for Alejandro Sanchez [no age shown].
Sureties: Jose Vidal Martinez and Tomas Baca.

Pages 8, 9, 3 Jul 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
Maria Altagracia Baca C. de Baca for Prudencia Jones, 21 yrs.
Sureties: Epimenio Gonsalez and Domingo C. de Baca.

Pages 13, 14, 1 May 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Antonio Martin for Jose Facundo Martinez.
Sureties: John Doherty and Andres Mascarenes.

Pages 15, 16, 4 Sep 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
L.F. Warder for Federico Pino, 14 yrs., and for Carlota Pino, 7 yrs.
Sureties: Henry Robison and John Florence.

Pages 17, 18, 4 Sep 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
John Florence for Maria Virginia Pino, 13 yrs.
Sureties: L.F. Warder Henry Robison.

Pages 19, 20, 5 Sep 1882. Guardianship Appointment.
Jose Emiterio Cruz for Maria Josefa Martin, 15 yrs.
Surety: Maxwell Phillips.

Regarding the guardianship of the orphan children of S. V. Hamilton, deceased:
His children ask that Rev. M. Phillips of the town of Mora be appointed their guardian.

Pages 21-23, 3 Jan 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Maxwell Phillips, of Mora, for James Sumner Hamilton, 15 yrs., Linnie White Hamilton, 13 yrs., "and our 3 little brothers" Benjamin Hamilton, 7 yrs., Denkie Hamilton, 4 yrs., and Albert Hamilton, 3 yrs.
Witnesses: Charles Bowmer and L. Framton, Coyote.
Sureties: Thos. J. Walton and L. Frampton.

Pages 24-26, 5 Mar 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Jose Antonio Gonsales, brother-in-law of deceased, for Francisco Abeita, age 8 and Antonio Jose Abeita, age 6, sons of Señor Martinez de Abeita, deceased, residents of Precinct #15 of Mora County.
Sureties: Rumaldo Gonzales and Bibian Gonsalez

Pages 27-29, 7 Mar 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Pablo Griego for Daniel Griego, 8 yrs. old. Daniel has been living with Pablo Griego for 7 yrs. His mother is alive; his father is deceased.
Sureties: Bibian Gonsalez and Juan Maes.

Pages 30, 31, 9 May 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Andres Mascarenas for Francisco Antonio Abeita, 8 yrs., and Antonio Jose Abeita, 6 yrs. Sureties: Jose de Jesus Lujan, Jose Francisco Martin, and Jose Mestas.

Pages 32, 33, 9 May 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Antonio Domingo Pacheco for Hipolito Cisneros.
Sureties: Juan Cristobal Blea and Guadalupe Sanchez.

Pages 34–38, 25 May 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Guadalupe T. de Valdez, of Ocate, for Alberto Valdez, b. 7 Jun 1864, and for Samuel Valdez, b. 4 Apr 1871, both of Ocate, children of Ignacio Valdez, deceased.
Sureties: Narciso Valdez, Jose Isaac Lujan.

Pages 39, 40, 7 Jul 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Ma Deluvina Martinez for Isidora Martinez, a minor.
Sureties: Felipe Lobato and Lewis Kahn.

Pages 41, 42, 4 Sep 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Santiago Martinez for Jose Eulalia Martin(ez).
Sureties: Pablo Mares and Luciano Ortega.

Pages 43-45, 5 Nov 1883. Guardianship Appointment.
Jacob Regensberg for Benjamin Regensberg, for Eliza Regensberg, and for Amelia Regensberg.
Sureties: Morris Strausse and A.L. Branch.

Pages 46, 47, 7 Jan 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Canuto Pino for Candelario Lucero, 12 yrs. (in Santa Gertrudis de Mora)
Sureties: Juan Maes and Esteban Romero.

Pages 48-49, 7 Jan 1884.Guardianship Appointment.
Maria Julianita Martinez de Lucero for Romulo & Benigna Lucero.
Sureties: Rumaldo Gonsalez, Andres Corsino Martinez, and Bibian Gonsalez.

Pages 50, 51, 8 Jan 1884.Guardianship Appointment.
Cristoval Santistevan for Tomasa Santistevan.
Sureties: George Cashmore and Diego Ruivera.

Pages 52, 53, 8 Jan 1884. Ireneo Mares for Casimiro Lucero.
Sureties: Pedro Aldias and Manuel Gallegos.

Pages 54, 55, 3 Mar 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Abelino Trujillo for Canuta Cordova, 4 yrs.
Sureties: Antonio Romero and Francisco A. Lujan.

Pages 54, 55, 3 Mar 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Pedro Vigil for Luisa Cordova.
Sureties: Antonio Vigil and Francisco A. Lujan.

Pages 58, 59, 4 Mar 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Francisco Agustin Lujan for Francisco Agustin Lujan, his natural son.
Sureties: Felix Strausseand Morris Strausse.

Pages 60, 61, 5 May 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Pedro Pino for Federico Pino.
Sureties: Juan de Jesus Archuleta and Juan de Jesus Cordova.

Pages 62, 63, 6 May 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Cristoval Trujillo for Bentura Cruz.
Sureties: Juan Navarro and Juan Lorenzo Trujillo.

Pages 64, 65, 8 Jul 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Maria Balbaneda Rivali de Valdes for Maria Sinforiana Valdez.
Sureties: Benigno Ribaliand Marcelo Medina.

Pages 66, 67, 8 Jul 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Jose Manuel Garcia, of Wagon Mound, for Paula Archuleta.
Sureties: A.L. Branch and Macario Gallegos.

Pages 68, 69, 8 Jul 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan C. Quintana for Jose Eugenio Aragon.
Sureties: Jose Maria Cordova and Nestor Maes

Pages 70, 71, 3 Sep 1884. Guardianship Appointment.
Francisco Antonio Fresquiz for Jose Presentacion Trujillo.
Sureties: Pablo Albino Abeita and Myles McGonigle.

Pages 72, 73, 6 Jan 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Luciano Ortega for Manuela Sanchez, 7 to 8 yrs.
Sureties: Maximo Martin and Francisco Sales Ortega

Pages 74, 75, 9 Jan 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Alejandro Gonzales for Encarnacion Lucero, 11 yrs.
Sureties: Esteban Romero and Rafael Valdez.

Pages 76, 77, 3 Mar 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Macario Gallegos for Romulo Lucero.
Sureties: A.L. Branch and Rafael Romero.

Pages 78–80, 3 Mar 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Jose Gallegos for Francisco Sales Wren, about 17 yrs., and Ma Esquipula de los Dolores Wren (no age shown).
Sureties: Juan Navarro and Felix Strausse.

Pages 81, 82, 3 Mar 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Abundio Gallegos for Ma Esquipula de los Dolores Wren.
Sureties: Piedad Blea and Juan Jose Rodriguez.

Pages 83, 84, 3 Mar 1885. Juan Navarrofor Gavino Garcia.
Sureties: Macario Gallegos and John Doherty.

Pages 85, 86, 5 May 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Silverio Mondragon for Jose Ramon Mestas, of Agua Negra.
Sureties: Jose Pablo Medina and Luis Medina.

Pages 87–89, 5 May 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Juan Navarro for Maria Ignasia Ortega, 14 yrs.
Sureties: Juan Jose Gallegos and Guadalupe Sanchez.

Pages 89, 90, 4 Mar 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Ma Sencion Garcia for Maria Clara Salazar, 3 yrs., and for Ma Juana Salazar, 9 yrs.
Sureties: Manuel E. Valdez and Simon Ulibarri.

Pages 91–94, 7 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Bernardo Salazar, of Tiptonville, for Francisco B. Salazar, and for Emilia T. Salazar (children of Maria Rafaela Boney de Salazar, deceased. The children are over 10 yrs. old and they desire to remain with their father.)
Sureties: Romualdo Roival, Macario Gallegos, and Jose D. Gallegos.

Pages 95–97, 8 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Gabriel de Herrera, of Mora, for Juan Isidro Mestas.
Sureties: Tomas Casaus and Roberto Romero.

Pages 98, 99, 9 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Francisco Salazar, of Agua Negra, for Andres Abelino Salazar, deceased.
Sureties: J. Blas Lucero and Juan Mondragon.

Pages 100, 101, 9 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Antonio Romero, of Agua Negra, for Juan Jose Salazar.
Sureties: Pedro Ant. Sanchez and A.L. Branch.

Pages 102–104, 9 Sep 1885.Guardianship Appointment.
Luciano Gallegos, of Mora, for Juan de la Cruz Esquibel, deceased.
Sureties: Roberto Romero and Pablo Valdez.

Page 105, 9 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Francisco Salazar, named by T.A. Gutierrez, J.P., brought $500 pesos as "fianza" for Andres Avelino Salazar.
Sureties: [none mentioned].

Pages 106–108, 10 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Jose E. Cruz, of Agua Negra, Pct. 9, for Juan Ant. Martinez, 17 yrs., and for Marcelina Martinez and for Maria Rita Martinez.
Sureties: Juan Andres de Luna and Santiago Valdez.

Pages 109–111, 11 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Gregorio Lopez for Pablita Tenorio.
Sureties: Pablo Valdez and Trenidad Valdez.

Pages112–114 , 12 Sep 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Maria Refugio Castellano, of Mora, for Maria Petra Lujan.
Sureties: Epimenio Martinez and Luciano Gallegos.

Pages 115–117, 2 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Leandro de Herrera, of Mora, for Epimenio Mestaz.
Sureties: Ramon Ribera and Gabriel de Herrera.

Pages 118–120, 3 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Martin Esquibel, of la Plaza de Santiago, for Siriaca Acosta.
Sureties: Lorenzo Arguello and Felipe Nerio Cordova.

Pages 121–122, 3 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Jose Antonio Mez, of Mora, for Maria Maximiana Baldonado.
Sureties: Luciano Ortega and Maximo Martines.

Pages 123, 124, 3 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Agapito Abeyta, Sr., of Sebolla, for Jose Maria Manzanares.
Sureties: Antonio Salazar and Rafael Valdez.

Pages 125, 126, 3 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Pedro Antonio Sanches, of La Cebolla, for Jose Dolores Trujillo.
Sureties: F. Roy and Eliseo Borrego.

Pages 127–129, 4 Nov 1885. Guardianship Appointment.
Maria Antonio Salazar, of Corrillera, for Facundo Lucero.
Sureties: Carpio de Herrera and Paulin Martines.

A reminder regarding spelling of names: Spelling has been retained as found in the original record. If searching for a name, you may have more success by trying alternate spellings.
Legibility: Inasmuch as legibility of any document is sometimes questionable and open to interpretation, readers are always encouraged to consult the source material themselves whenever possible.

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