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2010 marks
Our Golden Anniversary!

Plans are underway
for a genealogy conference

Save the Date:
October 14-16, 2010

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The New Mexico Genealogical Society, founded in 1960, is composed entirely of volunteers. 2010 will be our 50th year of providing research materials and networking opportunities for family historians.

The New Mexico Genealogical Society

New Mexico
Santa Cruz de la Cañada Church


All books are indexed and spiral bound.

Marriages: NMGS Press Item C-12. 2006, 2nd printing, 225 pages, $25.
Baptisms Vol. I: NMGS Press Item A2. 1994, 412 pages, $45.


Loose Documents 1710-1781, AASF Reels #51, 52 and 54
  Baptisms Book 34, 1731-1767, AASF Reel #13
  Baptisms Book 35, 1769-1780, AASF Reel #13
  Baptisms Book 36, 1781-1794, AASF Reel #13
  Three Indexes: 1) Baptisms, 2) Parents, and 3) Godparents, Grandparents, and Others.
Baptisms Vol. II: NMGS Press Item A4. 1995, 386 pages, $45.
  Baptisms Book 37, 1795-1819, AASF Reel #13
  Baptisms Book 38, 1820-1827, AASF Reel #14
  Loose Documents 1822-1823, AASF Reel #54
  Three Indexes: 1) Baptisms, 2) Parents, and 3) Godparents, Grandparents, and Others.
Baptisms Vol. III: NMGS Press Item A6. 1997, 530 pages, $50.
  Santa Cruz Baptisms Book 38, 1827-1833, AASF Reel #14
  Santa Cruz Baptisms Book 39, 1834-1843, AASF Reel #14
  Santa Cruz Baptisms 1839-1855, AASF Reel #93
  Rio Arriba Baptisms, Parish of Santa Cruz, 1853-1854, AASF Reel #93
  Santa Cruz Baptisms, 1844-1856, AASF Reel #93
  Three indexes: Baptisms, 2) Parents, and 3) Godparents, Grandparents, and Others.

Errata, Santa Cruz Baptisms, 1844-1850, AASF Reel #93
(Errors discovered, including repeated, rewritten or questionable entries. From AASF Santa Cruz Baptisms B-40 Box 51 and Box 89.)

  Errata section Indexes: Baptisms, Parents, and Godparents, Grandparents, and Others.

Excerpt from the Introduction in Vol I :

". . . La Villa Nueva de Santa Cruz de la Cañada de los Mexicanos Españoles del Rey Nuestro Señor Don Carlos Segundo was established in April of 1695 by Governor and Captain General of New Mexico, Don Diego de Vargas. The first recorded baptism from Santa Cruz in the archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe does not state that Santa Cruz was a parish or that there was a church there. The record simply states that the baptism of a child given the name of Maria Lucia took place "En esta Villa de Santa Cruz" on September 15, 1710. The record further states that the child was "de nacion Apache" and that her godmother was Sebastiana de la Serna. The priest who signed the record was Fray Jose Antonio de Torres. The baptismal record is located in a fragment baptismal register from Santa Cruz catalogued as a Loose Document from the Mission Period numbered 1710 number 7."

Included in each of these three volumes is a list of abbreviations and phrases used in the publication, and a name index. Names are indexed three ways: 1) by name of person baptised, 2) by parents' names, and 3) by godparents, grandparents, and others named.

Publication of New Mexico's sacramental records is the longest standing volunteer project of both the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and of the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

The work to bring the three large Santa Cruz baptism books to print required many volunteers: Virginia Langham Olmsted, who extracted the information from the original records, Evelyn Lujan Baca, extracting, data entry, data checker, and proof reader; Margaret L. Windham, index preparation and Project Chairman; Clara M. Taylor, Rose F. Holte, Paul Carlson, Ralph and Loretta Hayes, Ernie P. Jaskolski, Marguerite Campbell, Andres Segura, Lila Pfeufer, Marjorie Shea, May Stanton, Adrianne Vidal, James Dearden Wilder, Nancy Brown, Dorothy Mazon, Lois Faye Irwin, Marjorie Smith, Anne Cunningham, and Luis Padilla. The marriages were extracted by Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Patricia Sanchez Rau.

Introduction to the series was written by Marina Ochoa, Director, Office of Historic-Artistic Patrimony and Archives, Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Santa Cruz area map by Ernie Jaskolski. Publications of the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

Santa Cruz de la Canada area (not to scale)

Return to NMGS Press list of books. These are publications A2, A4, and A6, and C-12.

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