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About Us

About Us

The purpose of NMGS is to promote, develop, and encourage genealogical research, to preserve and perpetuate the records of ancestry and public records, and to make genealogical and historical information available to all through publications, meetings, and workshops.

NMGS Memberships in the Society provide the funds for publishing the New Mexico Genealogist, for the NMGS web site, for genealogy speakers, and for workshops. Memberships, individual contributions, and profits from the sale of our books and CDs also help us support our local genealogy library, the Special Collections branch of the Rio Grande Valley Library System. We help fund purchases of research materials including books, CDs, microforms, and computer hardware and software.

The NMGS Board for 2015

The NMGS Board for 2015

Our Purpose

To promote, develop, and encourage genealogical research, to preserve and perpetuate the records of ancestry and public records, and to make genealogical and historical information available to all through publications, meetings, and workshops.

Elected Officers

President - Henrietta Martinez Christmas
Vice President - Robert C. Baca
Secretary - Jean Montaño
Treasurer - Nancy Anderson

Members At Large

Angela Lewis, Yvette Cohn Stoor, Miguel (Mike) A. Tórrez,
Ron Jaramillo, MaeAllen Form; ex-oficio, Mary Penner

Committee Chairs:

NMGS Press - Jean Montaño
New Mexico Genealogist Editor - Mary Penner
Primeras Familias - Yvette Cohn Stoor
NMGS DNA Project - Miguel (Mike) A. Tórrez
NMGS Membership - Nancy Anderson
NMGS Mailing List - Angela Lewis
NMGS Volunteers - Angela Lewis
NMGS Librarian - MaeAllen Form
NMGS Website - Ronald Lorenzo Jaramillo
NMGS Publishing - Henrietta M. Christmas

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How To Join NMGS

Join the New Mexico Genealogical Society

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As a member of the New Mexico Genealogical Society, you receive:
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• The information-packed New Mexico Genealogist in your mailbox each quarter. (Individual issues of the New Mexico Genealogist may be ordered here.)

• An index each December, covering all issues of the Genealogist that year.

• You'll confer with others who understand your interest (obsession?) in genealogy.
The membership year begins January 1 and ends December 31.

NMGS Sponsors and/or Participates in a Number of NMGS Projects

Our organization and volunteers are involved in the following projects:

• Primeras Familias de Nuevo Mexico consists of verifying the documentation received from researchers whose ancestors lived in New Mexico during any of five historical periods. (Yvette Cohn Stoor, committee chair)

• The NMGS DNA Project explores the DNA tracing our roots back to European and Old World ancestors. (Miguel (Mike) A. Tórrez, committee chair)

• National History Day is a year-long education program that engages students in grades 6-12 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics.

• The New Mexico Death Certificate Project is an ongoing effort to index the New Mexico death certificates from the early 1900s – 1950s. This a very active, on-going project. It is a cooperative effort between the NMGS and AGS societies. Volunteers from NMGS are contributing most of the time and effort to the project which involves extracting information from 88 reels of microfilm! To date, NMGS volunteers have completed approximately 75 percent of the reels. That amounts to a significant contribution and hard work by NMGS volunteers!

• NMGS Press Publications: This effort includes translation of AASF sacramental documents, county records, and census records; The New Mexico Genealogist genealogical journal, the award-winning Genealogical Resources in New Mexico by Karen Stein Daniel CGSM; and the First 40 Years of the NMGS Genealogist on CD. consists of verifying the documentation received from researchers whose ancestors lived in New Mexico during any of five historical periods.

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National History Day
2015 History Day Winners

New Mexico State Finals of
National History Day, 2015

The New Mexico Genealogical Society participated in the New Mexico State Finals of National History Day held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday, April 24, 2015. The theme for this year’s event was “Leadership and Legacy in History.” Karen Daniel serves as the NMGS liaison for this event. The following awards sponsored by NMGS and generous contributor, Dr. Thomas Munyon of San Francisco, California, were presented, as well as a $100 check for each of the winning entries.

Nicole White of Silver High School in Silver City, New Mexico
Best Senior Exhibit Award displaying the best documented use of primary source material in a genealogical, family history, or community history topic.

Kate Boyce of Silver High School in Silver City, New Mexico. The Nell D. Munyon Award for the best documented use of primary sources, including oral history sources, in Native American History.

Jason Joe Tibbetts Middle School in Farmington, New Mexico. The Thomas Henry Munyon Award for the best documented use of primary sources in Medical History. History.

NMGS Genetic Genealogy Project

Introduction to the
NMGS Genetic Genealogy Project (NMGS DNA Project)

This project’s goal is to validate genealogies tracing back to their known origin in New Mexico.

New Mexico settlements occurred in different waves, sometimes in large groups or in smaller families, thus various settlers came at different times. Some genealogies have paper trail road blocks, some are traceable all the way back to the 1598 Oñate settlement, while others can only trace to the Reconquest, Mexican or Territorial periods and, in some cases, are traceable to known Native American ancestors. DNA is a tool that can help confirm or distinguish branches of the same surname, and help these road blocks by possibly linking them to surname lineages or family branches that have been confirmed using the paper trail and DNA comparisons. NMGS has well known genealogists and volunteers that will assist me in researching double checking and finalizing genealogies. I will also work closely with Yvette Cohen Stoor, our Primeras Familias (PF) project Chair, as this project will assist in validating those PF genealogies.

Ángel Cervantes, administrator of the NM DNA Project, is our technical advisor. It is important to note that this project is being developed at the request of our members and is not intended to compete with the NM DNA Project and with Ángel as our technical advisor there will be cohesion between the two.

The NMGS DNA Project's goal is to be open with sharing our genealogies and associated Y-DNA and mtDNA results for the better understanding of New Mexico genetic genealogy as a whole. Each participant will be required to submit a release form which will give the Chair authority to analyze the participant's DNA data and genealogy, as well as post the authorized information (see Project Release Form). A second release will be required if the person's results are to be part of a journal publication. The genealogies for the associated participants will be hosted on the NMGS main page and the format is currently being developed. My personal blog will also serve as the additional web page for the project. It can be accessed through the New Mexico Genetic Genealogy tab. It is not a requirement that a participant is an NMGS member, but it is highly recommended as we are here to serve you. Becoming a member has many advantages and we are the society that has been serving New Mexico genealogy since 1960.

The exact details of the project can be found in the Project's Letter tab and you may also link to the NMGS DNA Project via its tab

Miguel A. Tórrez
NMGS DNA Project Administrator/Project Chair
nmgs-gpp@nmgs.org nmgs-gpp@nmgs.org

NMGS Programs for 2015

2015 Schedule: Click a date to view program description.

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NMGS Journal

The "New Mexico Genealogist" is published in March, June, September, and December

The following individuals comprise the editorial staff:
 Editor: Mary Penner     Email: mary@marypenner.com
 Editorial Staff: Henrietta M. Christmas, Jim Abreu
 NMGS Indexing: Editorial Staff

The New Mexico Genealogist page provides tools for viewing the names of articles and indexes of persons mentioned in these articles. Articles and indexes are organized by year of publication. Indexes are also organized by last name for those genealogical articles which appear on our 40-year CD.

NMGS Press
NMGS Books on Amazon.com

NMGS Books on Amazon.com

Several NMGS published books are now available for online purchase on Amazon.com. Click any of the book links below to view that book on the Amazon site

San Miguel del Bado del Rio de Pecos -- The 1803 Land Grantees
by Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Nancy Anderson

Santa Cruz Marriages 1826 - 1849 and Roots Ltd, Addendum
by Patricia Sanchez Rau and Henrietta Martinez Christmas

New NMGS Book(s)

New NMGS Books
"Santa Cruz Marriages, 1826 - 1849 and Roots Ltd., Addendum"

Extracted by Patricia Sanchez Rau
Henrietta Martinez Christmas
This book extracts Santa Cruz de la Cañada marriages from AASF microfilm #30. Marriages are arranged by year.

The book also contains diligencias matrimoniales compiled from notes made by Fray Angélico Chávez. DMs are arranged in alphabetical order and span the years 1681-1730. Locations include El Paso, Santa Fe, Chimayo, Santa Cruz, Ysleta, Alburquerque, and others. (128 pages. Fully indexed.)

Use order number C13 on the order form to order the book. The book's price is $25.
Book Orders: Click here for a book order form.
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