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How much can you receive in federal student loan funds?

A. The annual limit for Direct Subsidized Loans plus Direct Unsubsidized Loans varies from $5,500 to $20,500, depending on a variety of factors (year in school, status as a dependent or independent student, etc.). Direct PLUS Loan amounts are determined by subtracting any other financial aid you’re receiving from your total cost of attendance at the school.

Q. How do you research international schools and their requirements?

A. For a list of eligible foreign institutions, follow this link: offering programs in applied science, technologies, health, business and the liberal arts. NDSCS offers certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees in nearly 80 programs and career tracks. NDSCS serves approximately 2,000 students from North Dakota and from neighboring states, western Canadian provinces, many other states, and several countries. You should start early, check the college’s website to determine program eligibility, cost, enrollment policies, and resources and programs for inter nation students.

The truth is that many of these international colleges are more affordable than U.S. institutions. Not to mention you will get the benefit of travel, culture immersion, and an educational experience that will serve you well in today’s global marketplace. Faculty members at NDSCS emphasize strong teaching and personal interaction with their students. Over 92 percent of permanent faculty positions are held by full-time instructors.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

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