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Sophia Lauren Grosso of La Habra, a senior studying at makanan khas jawa timur dan penjelasannya La Habra High School, is a dance nominee in the specialty of commercial dance for Artist of the Year in 2022. (Photo courtesy of Sophia Lauren Grosso)

“Sophia Grosso is a very elegant dancer. She is the eldest of three sisters and daughter to a mother who is a dance studio owner. Dance has been in her blood for generations. Her technique is flawless and her beauty and grace exude from the stage. Beyond her being a talented dancer and choreographer, she is an excellent teacher and leader.” — Teri Ross, La Habra High School

Taylor Harvey

“She is always professional when working with her peers and always strives for academic excellence. She is the type of student that is dependable, comes to class prepared, and gives 100 percent in whatever she is doing. Her positive attitude and openness to feedback means she is always learning and growing as a learner, an impressive strength that will continue to serve her well.” — Lauren Shimabukuro, San Clemente High School

Caroline Kinsey

“Caroline is a caring, passionate, and fluid dancer. She is not only able to learn choreography quickly while adding her own personality to it, but she also can create movement that is innovative, inspiring to her peers, and textured. Her musicality is top notch and she dances well within the pocket of music. Caroline is grounded while also lifted, and her ability to move through space is long, lean, and limitless.” — Kirsten Harvey, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

Ava McCoy

“As a dancer, Ava exceeds all expectations a teacher and a choreographer has. She has immaculate technique, strong dynamic range, the determination to continue to grow, and a performance factor that lights up a stage. Ava holds a confidence in her dancing that motivates her to always work to her fullest potential and beyond. She never settles. Instead, she consistently challenges herself to achieve a higher level of skill and artistry. When watching her perform, she demonstrates a mix of athleticism and authentic slot terbaru connection within her movement.” — Arielle Kalina, Santa Margarita Catholic High School

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