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Characteristics and facts of Ocicat Cat Breed – 2022 Guide

People with mental health issues can get an emotional support animal to help relieve their symptoms and improve their life quality. However, determining which kind of animal to choose as an ESA can be tough. Your ESA would provide a therapeutic role in relieving the symptoms of a diagnosed mental health condition. As the emotional support animal does not need to have proper training as a service animal so you can get an ESA Letter to keep your pet as an ESA. Hamsters are very popular pets that can serve as ESA due to various reasons.

Different animals can be used as ESA as long as they do not disrupt the public spaces. Domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters are ideal to serve as ESA. People also use unconventional pets like miniature pigs, miniature horses, or lizards as ESA.

Hamsters provide many unique benefits to improve the mental health of their owners. So, there are many benefits of getting an emotional support animal letter for your hamster. Let’s have a look at why hamsters are a good option as ESA.

Adorable personality

Hamsters are adorable, convenient, and portable with their fury and small bodies. They are used as pets by people of all ages and they are particularly loved by children.

They have unique personalities despite their small size and they get attached to the owner.

Easy to care

Hamsters are small in size and easy to care for. The care for dogs and cats can be time-consuming and expensive which cannot be afforded by everyone. People may be deterred from taking an ESA pet due to the high cost and maintenance of most pets.

However, taking care of hamsters is easy and cost-effective which can be beneficial for those who cannot afford bigger pets. They require a small living space, and little food and water. Their food cost is much lower than dog or cat food. You can get hamster feed mix for the low price of 8 dollars that would satisfy all its dietary needs.

They are also easier to clean and their small pellets can be removed easily. They groom themselves and can also stay alone for some time when you are away. The cost of taking a hamster to a vet is also lower as you would not require regular grooming.

You can purchase a hamster at a cheap price compared to other ESA. You can also get a cheaper house for your hamster as they require a small living space. Hamster homes come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a plastic hamster home that would be cheap and also cover all the needs of your hamster.

Perfect for small homes

If you have a small living space and cannot crowd it with a big ESA dog or cat, then getting a hamster is the solution. You have to get an esa letter for housing to keep your pet in case the tenement does not allow it. You do not have to worry about having a backyard or a garden to take your pet out to play, you can just easily keep it inside a hamster house.

You do not need to take your ESA hamster for a walk in the park. You also do not have to schedule your routine to spend intensive time for outdoor walks or training. They are dubbed as pocket pets because of the tiny space they occupy and their high portability.

Their small size means that they can easily escape and get lost from your sight. They may move between tiny spaces and get difficult to locate. So, you should always try to keep them safe and secure.

Easy to travel

Hamsters are very easy to travel with because of their small size. They would not cause any public nuisance or disturbance. You can keep it in a cage or a box that can be placed on the floor when traveling on a bus or airplane.

They do not take up space in a public place like dogs or miniature horses so they are ideal for people who do not like to create a distraction and have to travel frequently with their ESA.

Child friendly

Children love to have a hamster as an ESA and they can get easily attached. Moreover, a child can easily manage an ESA hamster on its own. Children can also travel with their ESA in public spaces by carrying a small cage.

Hamsters do not get aggressive and they display a good cool temperament which is suitable and safe for children. They are also safe in the way that they do not cause any scratches or bite marks like cats.

Emotional support

The small and adorable size of a hamster and its quiet and playful nature can help relieve anxiety. Many people feel stress-free when they hold their hamster or look at it playing.

These tiny furballs with their squishy little eyes are bound to make you feel attached and comforted. You can just chill with your ESA hamster, hold it or cuddle it. An ESA hamster would sleep in your lap which would be such an amazing and calming feeling.

Holding a small furry hamster and stroking its soft fur can give a relaxing feeling to most people. It can be particularly beneficial to calm the nerves of those having an anxiety attack.

Due to the emotional support benefits of a hamster for people with mental health issues, they are listed under the fair housing act. So a person can keep the hamster as an ESA without having to pay an additional deposit to the landlord. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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