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MBA programs

An MBA in Project Management can be a great help for career starters. In most disciplines, project managers work on a group of team members. The best project managers usually have some experience with the practicalities of the team they manage. Realistically, getting an MBA in project management is not difficult with perseverance and a desire to learn.

When looking at the components of an MBA program in project management, students are likely to take the same courses regardless of which program participants attend. This is because the core courses of MBA programs usually do not vary much.

Common foundation courses include:

  • microeconomics for management;

  • sales management;

  • data analytics;

  • management finance;

  • human resources;

  • financial Accounting;

  • operational management or logistics;

  • strategic thinking;

  • Management Accounting;

  • leading project management teams.

Specialization courses - in this case, project management - can indeed differ slightly. Most programs with a specialization in project management include 3-5 courses in a subject. These courses may be very different from what other schools offer. Therefore, when it comes to learning a specific aspect of project management within an MBA, it is best to become familiar with the specific courses offered by the program that managers may be interested in.

Some of the more common MBA specialized project management courses include:

  • risk analysis and management;

  • global project control;

  • resource planning and management;

  • project communications management;

  • advanced project management.

In addition, some MBA programs allow you to gain additional specialization within the same type of project management.

Common types of MBAs in project management include:

  • architecture and engineering management;

  • construction management;

  • real estate development;

  • transportation control;

  • sustainable development project management;

Students acquire valuable knowledge about business and management, develop the communication and management skills that project managers need to ensure quality results and progress.



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