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NMGS DNA Articles

Volume 62:1 March 2023

  • "More Pieces to the Y-DNA Puzzle: The Genetic Paternal Ancestry of Three New Mexico Families," Daria Celeste Landress

  • "When Y-DNA Research Leads to Unforeseen (But Rewarding) Consequences," Daria Celeste Landress


Volume 61:4 December 2022

  • "Piecing Together the Y-DNA Puzzle The Shared Genetic Paternal Ancestry of Three New Mexico Families: Durán y Chaves, García de Noriega, and Gurulé," Daria Celeste Landress and Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 61:1 March 2022

  • "His & Hers: DNA Haplogroups of the Founding Families of Albuquerque, Documented and Featured in Aquí Se Comienza," Daria Celeste Landress, Henrietta Martinez Christmas, and Miguel A. Tórrez

  • "Confirming the Parents and mtDNA of María Luisa Padilla," Daria Celeste Landress


Volume 60:4 December 2021

  • "Bernardino de Sena: His Family and DNA," Damien Aragon

  • ​"The Pacheco Family of New Mexico: DNA testing and documentation trace Pacheco roots into the seventeenth century," José Antonio Esquibel, Henrietta Martinez Christmas, and Miguel Tórrez


Volume 60:2 June 2021 ​

  • "Unwinding the Origins of the Baca Family," Ernest Sandoval

Volume 60:1 March 2021​

  • "Josefa de Hinojos: Colonial Period Matriarch of New Mexico and Haplogroup C1b11," Daria Celeste Landress, with contributions by Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Miguel A. Tórrez

Volume 59:4 December 2020

  • "Extended Matrilineal Ancestry of Gregoria Ruiz and mtDNA Haplogroup H3c2a Study," Daria Celeste Landress


Volume 59:3 September 2020

  • "Lucero de Godoy Surname and Y-DNA Study," Daria Celeste Landress


​ Volume 59:2 June 2020

  • "Working with mtDNA Matches – C1b11: A stubborn roadblock provides valuable experience," Henrietta Martinez Christmas

  • "The Hunt for Nicolas: Tracing the Espinosa Family and Associated Patrilineal Lines of New Mexico Through the Use of Big-YDNA Research, Part Two," Dr. A. Lee Martinez with contributions by Miguel A. Tórrez

  • "Males Espinoza Lineages for DNA Genetic Matches of the Nicolas de Espinosa Branch," Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 59:1 March 2020

  • "The Mystery of Francisco Xavier Romero," Stephanie Romero Thomas

  • "Sebastian Gallego, Indio Jumano: Tracing the Y-DNA trail to an 18th century genizaro," Daria Celeste Landress

  • "The Hunt for Nicolás: Researching the origin of the Espinosa family of New Mexico, Part One," Miguel A. Tórrez

  • "The DNA of Rita Romero," Ernest Sandoval

  • "Montaño Surname and Y-DNA Study," Daria Celeste Landress

  • "A DNA and Timeline Report for the Gallegos Family of New Mexico,1535–1694," Albert J. Gallegos, Jose Antonio Esquibel and Marietta Vigil Gonzales

  • "The Ancestry of Juan Domingo Romero: With descendants in the thousands, tracing his connections relies on Y-DNA," Damien Aragon

  • "The Mysterious Maria de la Cruz," Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Volume 58:3 September 2019

  • "The H Haplogroup in Hispanic Colonial Women," Ernest Sandoval

  • "Following a DNA Trail To Solve a Longtime Puzzle: Juan Bautista Valdez and Maria Nieves Martin," Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 58:1 March 2019

  • "Abiquiú DNA and Ethnography Study El Pueblo de Abiquiú and Its Genízaro Identity," Miguel A. Tórrez, Moises Gonzales and Isabel W. Trujillo


Volume 57:4 December 2018

  • "Making DNA decisions: A few facts to consider while researching your family lineage," Henrietta Martinez Christmas

  • "Casilda Contreras: 1692 – DNA Findings," Henrietta Martinez Christmas


Volume 57:3 September 2018

  • "El Pueblo de Abiquiú DNA and Ethnography Study," Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 57:2 June 2018

  • "New Findings on Y-DNA Show Apache Ancestor: Salvador de Orta Madrid/Pacheco," Priscilla Madrid López, with Patricia Sánchez Rau and Miguel A. Tórrez

  • "Are your DNA Results Native American?" Henrietta Martinez Christmas and Angela Lewis


Volume 57:1 March 2018

  • "Lente and Padilla: A Success Story Using atDNA and X-Match," Daria Celeste Landress


Volume 56:4 December 2017

  • "A Greece to New Mexico Connection: A Four-Century DNA Story," Ioannis C. Antonopoulos


Volume 56:2 June 2017

  • "Report on Quintana Y-DNA," Miguel A. Tórrez and Henrietta Martinez Christmas


Volume 55:4 December 2016

  • "My Sánchez DNA Story," George A. Sánchez


Volume 55:3 September 2016

  • "Genetic Genealogy Testing," Debbie Parker Wayne, CGSM, CGLSM

  • "When DNA and Paper Trails Collide: An Identity Crisis in the Silva Family," Yvette Cohn Stoor, Miguel A. Tórrez, and Ed Silva

  • "The mtDNA of Maria de Paredes," Denise Lovato-Duran

  • "Dealing with Your DNA Matches," Kerry Scott

  • "Gurulé Y-DNA: Who Crossed the Borders," Angela Lewis

  • "DNA Tales from the Trenches Barking Up the Wrong Tree," Rosemary McNerney Winkler

  • "Why Do Y-DNA Testing? The Experiences of the Joseph Taylor Sr. Family Association," Eileen Stonely Phelps

  • "DNA Reveals a Surprising New Mexican Connection," Thomas Shore

  • "Family Finder DNA Testing, a Passage to Ireland," Jean Montaño

  • "Martín Serrano Family Genealogy and a Y-DNA Study," José Antonio Esquibel and Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 55:1 March 2016

  • "Cristóbal de Torres Y-DNA," Miguel A. Tórrez


Volume 54:3 September 2015

  • "NMGS Genetic Genealogy Project," Miguel A. Tórrez

Volume 54:2 June 2015

  • "The History of Chimayo Through Genealogy," Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Volume 54:1 March 2015

  • "Cordoba/Cordova Y-DNA Project," Miguel A. Tórrez

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